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Post Hole Digger Hire Brisbane

Dig-In Hire Has Post Hole Diggers in Brisbane, Strathpine, and North Lakes

Dig-In Hire is ready to deliver the latest in limited access earthmoving equipment right to your job site. We have over eight years of experience in the equipment hire industry so we can advise you on the right machinery for the job. We understand you need to get your work done during weekends and whenever you can, so we make our services available to you even on public holidays.



We Hire in the Brisbane Area Including Strathpine and North Lakes

Our office is in Brisbane, so we can easily deliver equipment to surrounding areas such as Strathpine and North Lakes. We will also pick up from the job site when you’re finished with your project. We hire in standard packages with 4 hours, full day, or weekends rates, and if you need the equipment for more than two days, that’s no problem either. We have affordable prices and offer you several ways to pay including EFTPOS, VISA, and MasterCard.

Our equipment is available for dry hire for those who like to get their hands dirty. If you have never operated earthmovers such as ours, there is no need to worry. We will train you on site so you can safely work.

If you are not comfortable running the excavators, we also can supply you with a driver. Our driver has over six years of experience and can help you with any job. See our driver’s rates and examples of how he can help you here.

Hire Post Hole Diggers in Brisbane Area

Dig-In Hire has mini excavators with attachments for a variety of jobs. We have 4 in 1 buckets for moving earth or digging out grass, paths, or driveways. We also have levellers and trenchers for everything else. A leveller is an attachment that resembles a heavy metal pallet. It attaches to the mini excavator and smooths out uneven ground. A trencher is an attachment that resembles a giant chainsaw. The trencher digs long narrow holes to lay pipe or electrical wires.

A post hole digger is a large auger that screws into the ground to remove dirt and leaves a cleanly excavated hole. Post hole diggers are the tool of choice for boring holes needed for a new fence. If you need footings for a deck or foundation, we can deliver a post hole digger to finish the job quickly. You can hire a post hole digger if you have new trees to plant around your property.

Sometimes your ground is a bit too hard for a post hole digger to be effective on its own. If you find this to be the case we have a post hole mate to hire. A post hole mate helps bore into harder ground by applying more downward pressure.

Our earthmoving equipment hires will save you time, money, and physical labour. Contact us today and tell us about your project. We have the experience to guide you to just the right hire whether that is a post hole digger, trencher, or ripper.

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