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Achieve More in Strathpine With Less Work Whether You Need a Mini Excavator Dry Hire or Help from a Driver

Spend any amount of time watching the early stages of a construction site, and you’ll see quickly that it’s all about one thing: taming and preparing the earth for a future building. While you likely won’t need to dig massive trenches or deep holes in your own backyard, there are still plenty of occasions when we confront a need to excavate and transport material to prepare for a future structure or installation. That could be anything from an above-ground pool, a new garden fence, or even to plant trees and other large vegetation. When you need a mini excavator hire in Strathpine to help prepare your property for one of these improvements, it’s essential to choose a partner that can deliver modern equipment with the tools you need.



At Dig-In Hire, we have nearly a decade of experience in providing a robust mini excavator dry hire service to Strathpine. When you know what you need to do and how to do it, we supply you with the equipment best suited to the task — and even provide training at your home to prepare you for the job ahead. For those who do not have the time or desire to choose a dry hire, however, we’re also happy to lend our own understanding to your project. Hire an excavator with a driver from Dig-In Hire, and you can enjoy several advantages.

The benefits of choosing a mini excavator with a driver for hire in Strathpine

First, you gain the peace of mind that comes from working with an experienced operator. At times, you may need to fit a mini excavator into a tight space, or manoeuvre through an awkward spot, to be able to reach the space that requires work. With years of experience in the driver’s seat, we can carry out your instructions with ease. Of course, if you feel more confident in handling the work on your own, our dry hire service is second to none as well.

We can also offer you the opportunity to save time if you are too busy to do it yourself. Because we can accomplish many tasks with our diggers and their attachments, including trenching and creating holes for fence posts, you can achieve more in each day. Your driver can move from task to task to streamline progress on your project. Competitive rates combined with the experience of our operator yields an experience that is simple and stress-free. While you focus on other aspects of the project or things around the house that need your attention, we’ll get the work done.

Find out what we can accomplish by working together

Convenience is an important aspect of our service. Whether you choose a dry hire or to work with a driver, we’ll bring the mini excavator straight to your home — no need to travel to pick it up or drop it off again later. Explore more information about our standard rates for these services, or learn about what specific equipment you might need. Ready to book? Give us a call today on 0417 551 042.

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