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When You Need Heavy Duty Help to Finish a Project in Strathpine, Dig-In Hire Provides Dingo Rentals Both Dry and With a Driver

Attractive landscaping plays an important role when it comes to the visual appeal of a property. With the right fixtures and features, you can reshape the land to reflect your own vision. Whether that’s for an elegant garden or for a secluded space to entertain guests, it doesn’t happen overnight. Putting up fences, creating space or moving earth for a retaining wall, and many other tasks all require considerable effort. Trying to accomplish these tasks by hand is both time-consuming and overly labour-intensive. Has a project in the yard at home sent you on a search for a reasonable Dingo hire in Strathpine? At Dig-In Hire, we have the flexible options you need to support your project best.



By keeping a stable of the latest and best excavating equipment, we can offer customers in Strathpine and around Brisbane a straightforward way to make progress on big outdoor projects. With a variety of attachments available to accomplish many types of tasks, you can make quick work of things that might have taken you days or weeks to finish otherwise. Whether you’d like to hand off the operations to a hired driver or you can handle things on your own with a Dingo dry hire, Strathpine residents have an ally in Dig-In Hire. Here’s a look at what you can expect from working with our service.

The simplest way to secure a Dingo with driver for hire in Strathpine

Begin by choosing the type of equipment you’ll need. In the case of a Dingo hire, it is also important to consider which attachments you’ll need to get the job done. With options such as the workhorse “4 in 1″ bucket,” a trenching tool, and posthole augers in a variety of sizes, it is simple to match the equipment to the task. If you choose to hire a Dingo with a driver, it’s even easier: just let us know what you need to accomplish when you call to book, and we will suggest the best attachments for the job.

If you choose a dry hire option, consider how long you will need to accomplish the task after a convenient drop-off service at your home. We offer rental options both by the day and in four-hour increments. We recommend thinking about the scope of the job and giving yourself ample time to complete the essential parts of your project fully. If you’re unsure, feel free to ask — we’re happy to use our knowledge of Dingo operation to help you estimate the appropriate hire period.

Contact us today to begin planning

We want to see you succeed in your projects. That’s why we take the extra step to provide you with hands-on training upon delivery to your home. With our help, you can be driving and digging like a professional in no time. To start your booking today, use our contact page or call at your convenience on 0417 551 042.

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