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Hiring a Dingo for Your Next Project in North Lakes: Should You Hire One with a Driver or opt for Dry Hire?

When you have important landscaping or construction work to take care of, it is vital that you equip yourself with the proper tools to do the job. Instead of sweating away hours with hand tools in the hot sun, why not consider using heavier and more powerful machinery? Hiring a digger can be an excellent way to complete ambitious projects quickly and decisively, saving hours of labour and providing significantly more peace of mind. If you are working in an area that has limited access, you may wish to consider Dingo hire in the North Lakes area. The Dingo is a much smaller and more versatile form of digger that is ideal for working in tighter spaces.



How to Use Dingo Hire in North Lake: Some Ideas for First-Time Renters

Think of the Dingo as a more versatile and compact version of a standard digger. They are about half the size of a Bobcat and are ideally suited to performing residential work. A few instances where Dingo rental can be particularly useful include:

  • Boring holes in the lawn so that you can plant trees, fence posts, or other permanent yard fixtures.
  • Digging trenches so that you can alter the form of a landscape or make room for new structures.
  • Moving and spreading dirt, which can create the base for a gazebo, wall, or even a garden.
  • Loosening hard ground so that manual digging will be an easier process.

Many people throughout the North Lakes area rely on Dingo rental for precisely these reasons. However, renters are sometimes unsure of whether they should rent their Dingo along with an experienced driver. Deciding between wet and dry Dingo rental is essential, so consider the following:

Dingo with Driver Hire Vs. Dingo Dry Hire in North Lakes

Hiring a Dingo and driving it by yourself might sound like a lot of fun—and it can be. However, it can also be considerably more difficult than it looks. If you have experience operating heavy machinery and have used mini-diggers before, then perhaps you may wish to opt for dry hire. Dry hire can provide you with the means to do everything yourself so that you can take full credit (or bear full responsibility) for the results.

Dingo with driver hire in North Lakes can be more useful for renters who are not confident in their abilities to operate heavy equipment. When you hire with a driver (also known as “wet hire”), you will benefit from having someone behind the controls who has used such tools many times, and who knows just what to do to provide optimal results.

At Dig-in-Hire, we offer both dry hire and the ability to hire a Dingo with a driver in the North Lakes region. Our experienced business uses state of the art tools and trains all our personnel extensively so that we can provide total satisfaction to all our clients. For more information on our work, call today.

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