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Easy Dry or Wet Dingo Hire in Brisbane: Hire a Mini Digger with an Experienced Driver


A lot of people assume it’s a lot more difficult to hire a mini digger for home projects than it is. It’s true that these are powerful pieces of machinery that require some training to operate safely, but there are lots of options for learning how to operate a digger or hiring one out with an experienced operator. In fact, these machines are now more accessible than ever and have become a favourite among DIY enthusiasts for digging and earthmoving in limited spaces. If you’ve always wondered how much a mini digger could do for your projects, don’t think it’s out of reach, here are a few ways to get access to a Dingo mini digger in Brisbane or the surrounding area.




It’s certainly worth it. With a versatile range of attachments and an impressive amount of power for such a small machine, Dingo mini diggers save a lot of time and labour. They’re easy to use and, with the right instruction, just about anyone can operate one safely and effectively.

You Don’t Have to Buy

To start out, the best idea is to hire a mini digger and learn from the operator about Dingo basics and what the machine can do. You have a few options for Dingo hire in Brisbane, and you’ll want to work with an experienced team to start out on the right foot. One option is to hire a digger with a driver to operate it, also called a wet hire, and learn from that process.

You can also look for a Dingo dry hire in Brisbane and operate the digger yourself. If you hire from Dig-In Hire, we’ll help you get set up and go through the basic safety and operation training when we drop off your digger. By offering training right on site, we’ve made it remarkably easy to get started on operating a digger yourself. It’s a huge investment to buy one of these machines, and for most applications, hiring from a provider such as Dig-In Hire makes the most sense for home use. If you do want to hire a driver along with your digger, we can do that too.


Find a Dingo with a Driver for Hire in Brisbane

Whether you want to split up the work and get some help, or just feel safer working with a professional around these machines, hiring a driver can make your Dingo experience a lot easier. With extensive experience across the range of digger applications — from digging post holes to moving rocks — the drivers at Dig-In Hire can help you finish your next big project.

There is a range of packages available from half-day rentals to weekend hires, and each is customisable to the specifics of your project. If you need a few different attachments or want to hire a driver for part of all your rental, just let us know when you get in touch. You can reach Dig-In Hire for any of your Brisbane mini digger needs at 0417 551 042, or click here to contact us online.

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